Weber® Lumin 2000, Red


High on heat and big on versatility, Weber’s Lumin* electric grill takes urban outdoor grilling to new heights.

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This multifunction electric grill reaches temperatures over 600°F so sear-mark seekers can achieve high-quality searing, while smoke infusion further enhances that grill flavor guests crave. Speaking of satisfied guests, the Lumin grill can keep food warm so everyone can easily serve themselves (and come back for seconds). Modern, compact, and available in various colors, Weber’s new Lumin electric grill is designed to suit your taste and your outdoor space. *LUMIN is a trademark of Weber-Stephen Products LLC and is the subject of pending registrations or applications in the United States and other countries.

• Reach extra hot temperatures—over 600°F
• Sear, smoke, steam, or boil with various cook settings
• Keep meals warm so guests can serve themselves
• Grill from frozen by thawing food while the grill preheats
• Store simply with a compact and space-efficient design