DTB BOSS I Grill and Smoker

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Smoke, grill, and sear—all in one powerhouse grill

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Introducing the DTB BOSS I, the ultimate grill that dominates every aspect of outdoor cooking with ease. This isn’t just any grill; it’s a rugged marvel designed to deliver a lifetime of grilling perfection.

At the heart of its greatness lies unparalleled temperature control. With the DTB, adjusting temperatures is as simple as lifting the fire basket—yes, you heard it right! Positioned nearly a meter away, the fire basket offers precise control at your fingertips in seconds.

But that’s not all. The DTB’s coal basket is ingeniously divided, allowing for flexible usage—whether you’re grilling for the family or hosting a big bash, it’s got you covered. And for those marathon low-and-slow sessions lasting up to 20 hours, access to wood or coals is a breeze, without ever lifting the lid or interrupting your culinary masterpiece.

When flare-ups strike, fear not. With the DTB’s adjustable fire basket, you can effortlessly lower the heat for worry-free grilling, ensuring your food comes off the grill perfectly cooked every time.

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