Sizzle & Spice: Mastering the art of Picanha Pastrami Sandwiches

Get ready for an epic journey that will redefine the meaning of pastrami! Immerse yourself in a world where every slice is a testament to days of meticulous marinating, a craft passionately perfected by renowned pitmaster Lorenzo Cottelli, also known as Smoky Cotte. With extensive barbecue experience and countless volumes of meat perfected by both passion and profession, he is here to reveal the art of creating the ultimate pastrami.

Imagine the most exquisite cut of Black Angus Picanha reaching new heights of flavor through a masterful curing process, only to be brought to perfection by reverse cooking. This is no ordinary pastrami: it is a masterpiece tucked into a sandwich and crowned with classic Reuben sauce. Mark your calendars, because this is a culinary revelation not to be missed

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Jul 04 2024


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